Your Success

Our process begins with a detailed walk-through with your team of SafeQual’s features and examples of how they are used to achieve workflow, automation, collaboration, and accountability across the large number of tasks that are performed in quality, risk, and patient safety.

We then look to understand your organizational structure, process improvement goals, existing strengths and challenges of implementing process change, achieving accountability, and influencing culture change.

To every client engagement, we bring domain knowledge in business transformation, system integration, automation and human process improvement to enable ‘the few to effectively lead the many’.

In collaboration with you, we create a statement of work that includes customization needs, measurable results, and interface requirements to applications such as EHR, HR, data analytics, third party patient safety organizations, and government agencies. Upon approval, we begin an initial configuration of SafeQual for delivery, normally within weeks.

Once SafeQual is set up, our expedient ‘train the trainer’ process gets your team up and running quickly, and we are in continuous communication to support training and deployment.

Requirements are never perfect. Therefore, after the software is configured, we work with your team to assess and deliver the changes needed to fully achieve your goals.

We guarantee your success!

We share the risk of your investment and if necessary, defer payment until the agreed upon goals have been achieved. We also provide lifetime management of every solution, limiting the need for client IT troubleshooting skills.