Claims Management

SafeQual software helps healthcare systems prioritize the importance of claims management with automation that tracks PCE to align with a healthcare system's risk mitigation strategy.

SafeQual provides a single repository for documentation to track insurance and liability exposure. Our technology has tools to track subpoena and expert witness activity, providing health system leaders visibility through resolution.

  • Risk leaders can have real-time visibility into PCE trending that can drive data driven decisions to help improve processes and policies to reduce future risk exposure.
  • SafeQual provides a ‘safe space’ work product related to ongoing incidents across all care settings.

Why clients like us...

“The repository holds all of our risk management documents so we can easily track PCE to align with our risk management policies. The software supports insurance and liability exposure areas and includes functionality for subpoena and expert witness tracking.”

“I really appreciated the ease of use and the efficiency in generating reports and the team was aways very helpful and responsive to all of our questions.”

“The entire SafeQual team was very professional, smart, skillful, and easy to work with. The deliverables were complete, on schedule and of good quality. We are very happy with the system and the vendor and look forward to continuing our engagement with new development and modules.”

Increase efficiency for risk managers with one centralized solution to manage incidents, PCEs, claims, summons, and subpoenas. Role-based access prevents unauthorized users from the claims related data.

SafeQual all-in-one software…

All that healthcare risk management teams need to pursue zero patient harm

Risk Management Software for Healthcare


Is supported through a built-in algorithm that guides leaders to a systems-approach and non-punitive response to adverse events and errors to pursue zero patient harm.


Encourages staff participation, enables departments to collaborate better and promotes adherence to your healthcare system’s safety and quality goals.


Allow seamless workflows, enable automation to increase efficiency, improve data accuracy and boost user productivity by eliminating redundant manual data entry.