Why SafeQual?

Be with a leader in workflow, automation, and integrated decision tools that turn wasted time into productive time.

SafeQual is a comprehensive cloud-based healthcare risk management software solution designed to enhance patient safety, quality improvement, and regulatory compliance. With unlimited user licenses, SafeQual empowers healthcare leaders to pursue the ambitious goal of zero patient and staff harm across their entire care delivery system. 
























SafeQual software supports various safety culture methodologies through a built-in algorithm that enables multiple departments to share data and communication in identifying and achieving corrective action.


SafeQual elevates your workflow experience with a more streamlined and effective approach to safety event management that enables better communication and increases productivity. Seamlessly manage events across various departments and user roles simultaneously, thanks to workflows like Triage, SME, and 360 Reporter Feedback, that propel productivity, enhance efficiency, ensure accountability, and foster transparency. 


SafeQual eliminates event backlogs with technology that enables teams to take immediate reporting action. Productivity is amplified through dynamic workflows that replace static forms of the past. Events are managed across multiple departments able to simultaneously collaborate on root cause analysis, corrective action, and employee health and human resources departments are included in the appropriate event workflows.

Red Event Dashboard

SafeQual has reports that summarize events across event types and provide insight into harm level, compliance in event reporting/resolution timeframes, compliance in sending out acknowledgement/dosure letters for grievances, corrective actions from Just Culture assessment, type of event (complaint, grievance, fall, medication, near miss, etc.), apparent causes for the incidents, events/tasks that are past resolution due dates, etc.

Triage Workflow

Triage workflow includes multiple data elements that are collected in SafeQual such as event type/location, in-patient or ambulatory, type of adverse event, level of patient harm, just culture, whether employee/patient/visitor, type of complaint or grievance, staff involvement, reporting resources) and can be organized into as many visuals as required.

SME Workflows

Events such as fall, medication, hospital acquired infection, HIPAA, etc. often require a review by a subject matter expert (SME), in addition to the standard review. The SME workflows in SQ streamline the process to increase productivity and efficiency. Events can be reviewed by the department leader where an event occurred to determine root causes and corrective actions, while at the same time reviewed by the medication SME to capture the NCC MERP classification information.

360 Reporter Feedback

It is critical for the development of patient safety culture that staff have transparency and feedback on every event to support the goals of High Reliability Organizations (HRO). Reporters can view the status of the incidents they reported online, and SQ can also notify them of actions taken upon completion of the review.

Automation Driven Productivity

Users can create tasks and assign them to specific individuals and tasks are automatically associated with the incident, Task owners get notified of new tasks via email and can retrieve tasks by clicking on a link in the email or from a task or personal queue worklist. When a task is completed, the completion information is automatically recorded in the notes area of the event record.

Accountability and Transparency

Risk leaders save time and experience more accountability with SafeQual tools that create and assign tasks, share data, and send notifications and update worklists. Task progress and completion is automatically recorded in every event record, enabling greater staff transparency.

Integration (SSO/EMR/HR/Policy)

Experience seamless integration when SafeQual connects to your SSO, EMR, HR  and Policy Management systems. SafeQual elevates your workflow and optimizes productivity by interfacing with your existing sign-on system. Our versatile compatibility, ensures a smooth and cohesive user experience across all your essential platforms.

Single Sign On

SQ interfaces with your existing user authentication/single sign-on system, such as Imprivata, Active Directory, etc., to authenticate users into SQ. With the integration, end-users do not have to login again to use SQ, saving them time and giving them a seamless navigation experience. The integration also reduces the burden on the end-users and system administrators to manage user IDs and passwords.  SQ interfaces with any SAML 2.0 or OIDC capable identity provider IdP. 

EMR Integration

SQ interfaces with EMRs, such as Epic, Cerner, Allscripts, etc., to collect patient demographic information. Your staff can search for the patient involved and SQ will auto-fill the patient demographics information in the electronic forms, saving the user data entry time and ensuring data accuracy. Connection to the EMRs is via HL7. 

HR Integration

SQ interfaces with HR/Volunteer/Credentialing management systems, such as UKG (Ultipro, Kronos), Workday, Volgistics, MD-Staff, etc., to collect employee, volunteer, and physician demographic information. The information is used by SQ to auto-fill electronic forms where staff details are required, reducing data entry time, and ensuring data accuracy. The information is also used to provide each department leader with their staff’s health safety (immunization, fit testing, etc.) information, resulting in more effective employee health and safety compliance monitoring. Connection to the HR/Volunteer/Credentialing management systems can take place via API or data imports using industry standard XML and CSV file formats. 

Email Integration

SafeQual provides alerts to users that new work is awaiting them, or existing work has changed status.

Open AI

SafeQual interfaces to OpenAI and other products utilized by SafeQual to help end users be more efficient at their job functions.

Continuous Data Export

It’s your data, not ours, and to that end, we provide the ability  to continuously export our data to software your IT organization may create, as well as to Tableau and other business intelligence software. Our software includes integration with Amazon’s AWS powerful business intelligence software, Quicksight.

Policy Lookup

SQ interfaces with your policy management system so that reviewers of incidents would have at their fingertips all the policy information that is necessary to determine corrective actions. This encourages reviewers to consider all the root causes when reviewing an incident. Connection to the Policy Management systems can be via API or data imports using industry standard XML and CSV file formats. 

Quality Methodologies

SafeQual’s AI driven workflows and automation flexibly supports various quality methodologies, enabling  healthcare risk management leaders to lead their teams toward the organization’s quality goals.

Healthcare Safety & Quality Excellence

HRO (High Reliability Organization)

It is critical for the development of patient safety culture that staff have transparency and feedback on every event to support the goals of High Reliability Organizations (HRO). Reporters can view the status of the incidents they reported online, and the system can notify them of actions taken upon completion of the review. 

Just Culture

SafeQual’s workflow and automation support organizations in their duty and responsibility to employees (and ultimately to patients), to be accountable for their decisions and the quality of their choices. SafeQual enables hospital leaders to more effectively identify errors and take corrective action in a safe and transparent environment that supports  incident reporting.

FMEA (Failure Mode & Effects Analysis)

SafeQual guides teams in the analysis of potential failure points when developing a new process and at the same time documents the actions to take for the failure points. The workflow enforces completeness in the documentation of the analysis.

PDSA (Plan-Do-Study-Act)

Initiatives, also known as (PDSA), are used by department leaders to document their process improvement project goals, tasks, results, and next steps. SafeQual steps the user through the PDSA cycle and gives process improvement leaders visibility into the progress of the projects at their fingertips – anytime, anywhere – from the pending Initiatives worklist or from the Initiatives report that summarizes project task status and outcome. 


SafeQual’s AI driven workflows and automation flexibly supports various quality methodologies, enabling  healthcare risk management leaders to lead their teams toward the organization’s quality goals.

Real Time Analytics

Real-Time access to your system-wide analytics is critical for your organization. We offer a robust set of reports and dashboards that provide you with actionable data at your fingertips.

Hospital Quality Review

Time to Value

SafeQual provides a pricing model that allows for all health systems to have our solutions in their hands and can be implemented within 60 days.

Artificial Intelligence

SafeQual is the first to introduce artificial intelligence to the patient safety, quality, and risk management industry for healthcare.  Rather than perform work for you, through popular demand, we offer artificial intelligence as a second set of eyes to promote critical thinking for root cause analysis and corrective actions.

Hospital Risk Management


SafeQual enables communication, and transparency across your system so that your team can work together toward your organization’s safety and quality goals.

Strategic Initiative Alignment

Healthcare leaders require alignment with their system-wide goals and initiatives. We offer the ability to customize our platform to produce your needed reporting and analytics.


Many safety, quality, and risk leaders are frustrated by working in different modules that leads to poor communication, productivity, and transparency.  We enable everyone to work together in one platform to promote high reliability principles.