Safety. Quality. Risk. Compliance.
Ensuring Excellence Is Your Standard

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Quality and Accountability

There are many strategies and methodologies for pursuing excellence. SafeQual is the leader in this software space. Our focus is on reducing complexity, integrating lean and accountable workflows with your data analytics, and creating organizational collaboration to successfully drive change. We are the innovators of your tomorrow!

You Deserve Better

Your time has come! The rest of your health care system is or has migrated towards software for digital health, with far fewer data silos, and integrated workflows. SafeQual is here to give safety, quality, risk, and compliance people the software they have long deserved.

Employee Health and Safety

SafeQual ensures an all inclusive safety culture. Move your team into 21st century best practices by providing them digital health capabilities and automation.

Welcome to SafeQual

We take pride in your success starting from the first call. Let's discuss what makes your health care system special, and while preserving that, how we can bring proven methodology and accountability into every aspect of your workflow.

Accountability Makes Change Stick

Change happens faster when accountability is integrated within the risk, quality, safety and compliance workflows of your organization.

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We Make Change Easier

Decisions are more often data driven when analytics tools are in the same software as your data and workflow. SafeQual integrates them all to extend across multilple processes that commonly happen outside your EMR today.

Our Vision

SafeQual continues to work toward a world where every health care delivery system can be positioned to successfully provide services with integrity, efficiency, and reliability. We focus on arming the people managing that responsibility with technology that elevates collaboration, decision-making, and accountability.

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Technical Support

For product support, please contact our Technical Support Team per the instructions in your support agreement or open a support ticket from within the software. If that information is not at hand, call
(516) 576-8000.

Shipping Address

SafeQual - New York Headquarters
101 Sunnyside Boulevard, Suite 201
Plainview, New York 11803-1511 U.S.A.