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"Our quality scores indicate our hospitals and clinics are on a successful path of process improvement and culture change."

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"We're proud that SafeQual safety and quality innovation software helps keep you on that path."

SafeQual is a cloud-based software platform that surpasses traditional patient safety software with unique technology that provides collaboration, workflow and robust process improvement enabling hospitals to quickly improve quality scores and achieve their HRO and Just Culture goals.

  • Patient Safety Incidents / Good Catch / Culture Survey
  • Employee Incidents / Workers Comp (w/HR integration)
  • Employee Health and Vaccination Tracking
  • NEW! COVID-19 Employee Vaccination Management
  • Process Improvement (RCA2, IA, FMEA, PDSA)
  • Accreditation Readiness (TJC, DNV, DOH)
  • Complaints / Grievances
  • PCE/Claims Management
  • Peer/Chart Review
  • Process, EOC, IC Audits

One software application for your leaders to collaborate on culture and process change

SafeQual gives your quality, safety, risk, compliance and innovation leaders a cloud-based software platform for collaboration, decision-making, and accountability that immediately accelerates the rate of change required of value-based care organizations.

  • Move from blame/shame to Just Culture, helping people learn and be accountable.

  • Use RCA2 to properly determine root causes and strategies to mitigate risk.

  • Instill workflow, communication, and accountability across all risk reduction activities.

  • Manage and execute on numerous risk reduction strategies and Corrective Action Plans in parallel.

  • Automation of repetitive work, frees up time for process improvement.

  • Organization of your data so you don’t have to go search for it.

Get to a perfect implementation of quality systems in your hospital

Ensure you have the software and daily support you and your organization need to execute on the Joint Commission's 11 Tenets of Safety Culture and sustain those improvements.

Ensure every question in the data collection and investigation process is keeping employees on track and tuned into making decisions consistent with the 11 Tenets.

Have all employee collaboration in a single workplace with a purpose driven workflow so that there isn't any lost information amidst tedious spreadsheets and many emails.

All data can be found electronically, without quality employees needing to rehash through old forms to get the data they need.

Hold investigators and other team participants to reasonable deadlines in completing their tasks within the workflow.



... this was non-existent in healthcare until SafeQual. In my opinion this innovation is what every hospital and clinic needs.

December, 2018
System Chief Quality & Innovation Officer (CQO/CINO)


SafeQual Key Functional Areas

Patient Safety (Incident Reporting, RCA2 Management, AHRQ Surveys)

  • Capture actionable good catch and patient safety event data.
  • Improve communication, collaboration and accountability with workflow that drives timely investigation and closure of events with reminders, alerts, and escalations.
  • Promote open, fair and just culture with SafeQual’s built-in Just Culture algorithm that helps in the determination of appropriate corrective actions.
  • Instill trust and accelerate improvements with data such as culture of reporting, adverse event categories, harm score, apparent cause analysis, non-compliance and more, all accessible in real-time by hospital staffs.
  • Reduce the administrative and cost burden of patient safety surveys (AHRQ SOPS) with hospital, medical office and nursing home surveys that are online in SafeQual and composite score reports that are auto generated in real-time.

Process Improvement (RCA2 Management, FMEA)

  • Promote accountability with a dashboard of open root cause analysis (RCA) and opportunity for improvement (OFI) tasks.
  • Drive timely completion of tasks with automated notifications of deadlines and overdue tasks, and escalations when appropriate.
  • Save time with close loop workflow where all related documentation is instantly retrievable, from triggering event, investigation findings and corrective actions to task completion approvals.

Employee Health And Safety

  • Reduce the administrative burden of tracking and billing for Influenza Vaccination, Tuberculin Skin Test and Respirator Protection Program.
  • Increase compliance with automated real-time reports accessible by department leaders.
  • Track employee accidents to understand what needs to be implemented to prevent future injuries and illnesses.

Patient Experience

  • Capture and quickly respond to patient complaints to improve service and quality of care.
  • Log and track patient grievances with comprehensive, easy-to-use forms.
  • Avoid grievance escalation by assigning, preparing and sending follow-up patient communication (e.g. template letters) within a workflow designed to provide a timely response.

Peer/Chart Review

  • Streamline the review process with workflows and automated tasks.
  • Attach files to keep all relevant documents together.
  • Distribute sensitive data securely and instantly.
  • Keep track of deviations to easily generate variance reports.

Pressure Injury Documentation

  • Guide user through the data entry process to ensure what is entered is true to expectations.
  • Benefit from real-time, drill-down analytics that allow for the timely identification of adverse trends.

Infection Prevention

  • Foster adherence to infection prevention protocols with hand hygiene audits.
  • Accelerate compliance by providing non-compliance feedback to department leaders in real-time.
  • Collect infection audits such as CAUTI, C. diff, CLABSI, CRE, MRSA, SSI for track-and-trend to identify areas for infection reduction improvement.


  • Motivate departments, providers and nurses to adhere to required documentation.
  • Benefit from a highly effective yet simple system of logging and auditing to increase quality and patient safety, e.g. Restraints and Pressure Injury, Advance Directives, Care Plan, Pain Assessment, Consent Discussions, Fall documentation, and other specialized areas such as Maternal Readmissions with 30 days, Neonatal Seizure, Flash Sterilization, etc.
  • Accelerate improvement with real-time non-compliance reports that are available to department leaders and automated non-compliance reports to executive teams.

Accreditation Readiness

  • Uncover areas of non-compliance with clinical and non-clinical EOC rounds.
  • Save time by tracking internal and external (e.g. Joint Commission, DNV) audit non-compliance through resolution.
  • Drive timely completion of tasks with workflow that distributes work to those who need to implement corrective actions and send automated reminders and escalations.
  • Achieve and maintain Joint Commission or DNV accreditation with Readiness Survey.

PCE/Claims Management

  • Track potential compensable events and malpractice and professional liability claims.
  • Manage all physicians, experts, defendants, depositions, claim committee discussions, and other associated documentation in one easy-to-retrieve repository.
  • Keep track of the status and expenses related to claims and summons.

COVID-19 Employee Vaccination Management

  • Complete management of vaccinations, integrated consent forms and automated email to employees, and capabilities to simplify COVID-19 and Influenza compliance.
  • Document vaccinations given during onboarding as well as previous vaccinations, titers, fit tests, physicals, and other records into the system.
  • Supports badge bar code scanning and integration with your Human Resources software to reduce input and to continue to track employees as they are added, removed, or change locations and departments.
  • Also track volunteers, medical students, and senior living residents.

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