Software for Safer Healthcare

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    Manage and execute on numerous risk reduction strategies and Corrective Action Plans in parallel.

  • Diverse Hospital Hands

    Move from blame/shame to Just Culture, helping people learn and be accountable.

  • Hospital Data Analytics

    Instill workflow, communication, and accountability across all risk reduction activities.

  • Hospital Review Team

    Use RCA2 to properly determine root causes and strategies to mitigate risk.

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    Improve hand hygiene to reduce hospital acquired infections.

  • Medical Exam

    Streamline employee safety and documentation processes.

Get to a perfect implementation of quality systems in your hospital

  • Ensure you have the software and daily support you and your organization need to execute on the Joint Commission's 11 Tenets of Safety Culture and sustain those improvements.
  • Ensure every question in the data collection and investigation process is keeping employees on track and tuned into making decisions consistent with the 11 Tenets.
  • Have all employee collaboration in a single workplace with a purpose driven workflow so that there isn't any lost information amidst tedious spreadsheets and many emails.
  • Hold investigators and other team participants to reasonable deadlines in completing their tasks within the workflow.
  • All data can be found electronically, without quality employees needing to rehash through old forms to get the data they need.

SafeQual Infographic

SafeQual software enables your quality, safety, and risk leaders to manage and instill trust, communication, and accountability across thousands of employees in quality assurance processes necessary to pursue zero harm healthcare services and patient safety.

"... this was non-existent in healthcare until SafeQual. In my opinion this innovation is what every hospital and clinic needs."

December, 2018
Chief Quality & Innovation Officer

Workflow, Communication, Collaboration

Workflow, Communication, Collaboration
  • Reduced complexity: training is short and given in the context of Just Culture to encourage reporting unsafe conditions and close calls as well as adverse events.
  • Promotes a fast and accountable operational tempo for quick analysis, response and successful corrective action.

Unsafe Conditions, Close Calls, Event Reporting

Unsafe Conditions, Close Calls, Event Reporting
  • Include the reporting of unsafe issues which are predictive of future harm.
  • Decrease the likelihood of adverse events through methodical review, analysis, and action on each event using Lean and/or HRO methodology.
  • System assigns investigator based on best practice and role definition by a quality team leader.
  • Workflow drives timely investigations, creation and approval of corrective action plans.

Infection Prevention

Infection Prevention
  • Provides information to identify and prioritize risk reduction strategies that enable hospitals to get ahead of the curve on prevention.
  • Departments, providers and nurses are informed about required documentation, so they are all working with the same information.
  • Audits are designed to provide and keep track of every element of clinical pathway to decrease hospital infections.
  • Enables hospitals to involve multi-disciplinary environmental hygiene teams on adherence to infection prevention protocols.

Performance Improvement, Audits, Surveys

Performance Improvement, Audits, Surveys
  • Implement improved safety standards with real-time access to multiple departmental audits.
  • Benefit from a highly effective yet simple system of surveys, logging and auditing staff performing processes.
  • Audits track every element of clinical pathways to decrease hospital infections, with best practice bundles built into the forms based on HRO methodology.
  • Restraint and pressure injury logging is easily entered, tracked and monitored.

Patient Experience

Patient Experience
  • Includes the patient experience in overall risk management by quickly responding and following up on issues and complaints.
  • Easy to enter forms to log and track patient grievances.
  • Assign, prepare and send follow up patient communication within a workflow designed to provide a timely response and avoid escalation.

Risk Management

Risk Management
  • Additional capabilities for root cause analysis, claims management, dashboards and tracking follow up actions to minimize costly escalations around unsafe conditions, close calls and adverse events.
  • Perform RCA2 (Root Cause Analysis and Action) that facilitates and documents risk reduction strategy occurrences at your hospital.
  • Assign and follow up investigations and tasks.
  • Data is aggregated and reported into a dashboard (or exports to third party dashboard) so hospitals can best provide feedback to employees involved in process improvement.

Claims Management

Claims Management
  • Track medical malpractice and professional liability claims.
  • Guided progression from creating PCE through the collection of facts and documentation to completion.
  • Gain visibility when users enter recent categorized monetary status of active compensable claims.
  • Records all physicians involved (insured or uninsured), claim committee discussions, depositions and other documentation.