Health & Safety

SafeQual’s healthcare risk management software delivers everything that risk management leaders need to support their valuable staff and ensure health and safety compliance.

SafeQual’s workflow automation integrates staff incident reporting, vaccination tracking, TB screening, respirator fit testing, annual medical surveillance, and other compliance requirements critical to Human Resources and your employee safety leadership teams.

  • Integrates with your HR system to eliminate manual processes and improved optimization of your employee safety efforts across all care settings.
  • Provides real-time data for all employees to promote engagement and accountability.
  • Eliminates common communication errors and ensures accuracy system-wide.
  • Incorporates ‘Great Catch’ tracking to be used in yearly reviews, awards, and to promote your culture of safety.

Why clients like us…

“I like that I can keep employee health incidents, fit testing compliance, TB screenings, lab results, vaccinations, and titer records all in one place, obtain data on compliance rates, and view who is not up to date on employee health requirements.”

“We were able to customize SafeQual to exactly what we needed. It was intuitive to use, their customer support was exemplary, and it gave us everything we needed.”

“I love the options and the quality SafeQual provides. They ensure the client is extremely happy with every aspect of their software. Their customer support and development teams are amazing. SafeQual gives time back to leaders, allowing them to look ahead and be proactive instead of chasing data for their next meeting.”

SafeQual software provides Human Resources, Employee Health, and department leaders a huge leap forward to succeed in their commitment to provide the safest possible work environment.

SafeQual all-in-one software…

All that healthcare risk management teams need to pursue zero patient harm

Risk Management Software for Healthcare


Is supported through a built-in algorithm that guides leaders to a systems-approach and non-punitive response to adverse events and errors to pursue zero patient harm.


Encourages staff participation, enables departments to collaborate better and promotes adherence to your healthcare system’s safety and quality goals.


Allow seamless workflows, enable automation to increase efficiency, improve data accuracy and boost user productivity by eliminating redundant manual data entry.