Patient Experience

SafeQual healthcare risk management software helps healthcare systems to prioritize the patient experience with automation that enables risk leaders to be immediately notified and able to quickly respond and take action before patients are discharged, or a grievance escalates.

SafeQual software with innovative automation arms risk leaders with tools that streamline task delegation, time-sensitive reminders, and progressive documentation to keep teams engaged through resolution.

  • Advanced automation provides task delegation, time-sensitive reminders, and progressive documentation to keep teams engaged through resolution.

  • Entry forms capture patient complaints/grievances, compliments given to staff, as well as workflows to route the events to owners who are responsible for investigation, corrective actions, and closure.

  • The workflow includes automation of patient acknowledgement and closure letters, formatted to be printed, and track management.

Listen to our clients…

SafeQual provides an unprecedented level of attention, experience and support that ensures successful implementations and trustworthy relationships with new and existing clients.

“Working with the SafeQual design team has been an amazing experience. Not only is the SafeQual product flexible but the design team really works with you to understand your organizations needs and how they can best meet them.”

“With SafeQual we now have built in forms that make reporting easier and it’s important that now everyone involved in the incident are able to contribute to the report.”

“SafeQual makes reporting so much easier, and I appreciate being notified of the progress and final corrective action that is decided on.”

“The entire SafeQual team was very professional, smart, skillful, and easy to work with. The deliverables were complete, on schedule and of good quality. We are very happy with the with the system and the vendor and look forward to continuing our engagement with new develop and modules.”

Replace your outdated event reporting system and quickly experience the benefits of SafeQual all-in-one, cloud-based healthcare risk management software.

SafeQual listens, learns, and delivers a clear return on investment to meet our clients’ patient experience goals.

Clients quickly experience the impact of our software…

SafeQual all-in-one software…

All that healthcare risk management teams need to pursue zero patient harm

Risk Management Software for Healthcare


Is supported through a built-in algorithm that guides leaders to a systems-approach and non-punitive response to adverse events and errors to pursue zero patient harm.


Encourages staff participation, enables departments to collaborate better and promotes adherence to your healthcare system’s safety and quality goals.


Allow seamless workflows, enable automation to increase efficiency, improve data accuracy and boost user productivity by eliminating redundant manual data entry.