Quality Chart Review

SafeQual’s healthcare risk management software streamlines the quality chart review processes, ensuring more effective oversight, accountability, and compliance.

Monitor, benchmark, and report on provider performance using automated workflows for peer reviews and chart reviews. SafeQual replaces time consuming manual processes with automation for a repeatable, defensible peer review process that follows Just Culture principles.

  • Workflows and automation support high reliability, transparency, and critical thinking, allowing hospital teams to focus on shared learning rather than individual blame.
  • Dashboard presents and makes data actionable, optimizing your teams’ time while allowing them to focus their efforts on more important provider concerns.

Why clients like us…

“SafeQual has many functionalities that have helped us improve our processes. While it is heavily used for safety events, the other features benefit the organization. The Peer Review process has dramatically improved since switching our process from paper to SafeQual, and our return times for completion of the reviews have improved.”

“SafeQual makes reporting so much easier, and I appreciate being notified of the progress and final corrective action that is decided on.”

“The entire SafeQual team was very professional, smart, skillful, and easy to work with. The deliverables were complete, on schedule and of good quality. We are very happy with the system and the vendor and look forward to continuing our engagement with new development and modules.”

SafeQual enables comprehensive and timely provider quality reviews to support your organization's quality improvement initiatives to meet or exceed current regulatory standards of care.

SafeQual all-in-one software…

All that healthcare risk management teams need to pursue zero patient harm

Risk Management Software for Healthcare


Is supported through a built-in algorithm that guides leaders to a systems-approach and non-punitive response to adverse events and errors to pursue zero patient harm.


Encourages staff participation, enables departments to collaborate better and promotes adherence to your healthcare system’s safety and quality goals.


Allow seamless workflows, enable automation to increase efficiency, improve data accuracy and boost user productivity by eliminating redundant manual data entry.