SafeQual Launches AI Embedded Technology into Incident Reporting Workflow

SafeQual Launches AI Embedded Technology into Incident Reporting Workflow

Plainview, New York – July 14, 2023

SafeQual, an established innovator in software solutions to help healthcare institutions improve safety and quality to reduce patient harm, proudly announces the launch of its integration of AI technology into the incident reporting process. This utilization of AI marks a significant milestone in advancing incident management and patient safety within healthcare settings.

With a resolute commitment to enhancing patient care and quality while streamlining operational efficiency, SafeQual has harnessed the power of AI to create an intelligent incident reporting system. By embedding AI technology directly into the reporting process, Reviewers of incident reports can start a review with a better understanding of what is communicated by the Reporters and will receive actionable information in the context of the incident to generate recommendations for corrective actions.

The AI-powered incident reporting system is poised to advance incident management in health care. Organizations will be empowered to proactively address risks to improve clinical quality and increase productivity.

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